Sustainable green hydrogen is possible

H2planet is the fully owned brand of Hydro2Power SRL recongnized as one of he most emerging realities worldwide for hydrogen and fuel-cells technologies.

The company was born officially in June 2004 thanks to experiences in high tech fields and awarded by Politecnico of Milan during the Start-Cup 2003 competition.

The company was awarded in 2004 being one of the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas by Province of Milan, Lombardia Region and Chamber of Commerce of Milan. The funds have been invested to start-up the company.


Later on in 2005 H2planet won an award for “European New Patents”.

H2Planet headquarter and offices are now located in Vaprio d’Adda, nearby Milan: the mission is to make current and future market aware of the radical technical-productive innovation that will derive from hydrogen and fuel cell use. A clean, sustainable zero-emission scenario is the vision: Hydrogen Economy and, more generally, the Clean economy based on renewable sources of energy.