Hydrogen generators Hy-PEM XP

27 / 01 / 2015 • New products

Mini H2 stations have come for a domestic, business, laboratory, industrial and many more uses!

To produce hydrogen everywhere, catching power from renewable sources of energy!

ZERO MAINTENANCE. The best reliability and user-friendly interface yet in the market! Hydrogen releasing pressure is adjustable up to 11bar in accordance with ideal parameters to refill every hydrogen metal hydride cartridge and compatible MyH2 cartridges by H2planet.

Hydrogen’s purity maximizes the efficiency and the lifetime of the compatible MyH2 advanced metal hydrides cartridges.

Add-on options:

- Hy-demi demi water plant to automatically produce distilled water

-  Auto-refill demi water option board

-  Hy-PEM connection kit to refill metal hydrides

- Mini compressors for low pressure pressurization up to 5-10bar

- Hy-COMP XT automated compression system up to 200 or 350bar