HYinONE Micro

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H2planet presents the first turn-key system for hydrogen on-site practical production and use. One solution, many applications.


HYinONE Micro is the first fuel-cell solution with:

- Efficient system of H2 production by electrolysis

- Ultracompact accumulation system of pure hydrogen in metal hydrides

- PEM fuel-cell system 75-160-250W


- Demineralizer for automatic production of distilled water

- Self-priming pump for distilled water

- Refill kits for metal hydrides

- Ultra-compact mini-compressors for pressurization in range 200-350bar

- Control system and power supply of renewable sources


The plant is compact, easy to use and to install in order to accumulate hydrogen also from simple photovoltaic panels of 100W!

Build your autonomy with fuel-cell hydrogen according with our proposals!

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