GreenHub FLUO

Home power generator

The energetic re-evolution has started.

5 seconds are enough: connect, start-up, zero emission.

The GreenHub FLUO turn-key fuel-cell genset series by H2planet is everything you have been always looking for to get independent.


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Use and applications

Like home power but with the advantages connected with energetic independence. Perfect as an UPS, emergency generator, field generation unit, generator for off-grid houses.Perfect as a telecommunication UPS or turn-key genset for working areas and building sites.

GreenHub FLUO is ideal when integrated with renewable sources of energy like solar panels, wind gensets and mini-hydro to satisfy daily and night energetic needs and combinable with hydrogen on-site production systems from sun/wind/water power

Ideal for: remote stations, home back-up, company back-up, TLCs, WIFI/radio stations, substations, cabins and remote off-grid homes,
mountain/sea shelters, etc.

Functioning and advantages

The hydrogen is converted into electrical energy in a single electrochemical highly efficient step. Hydrogen is introduced into the anode side where it is splitted into protons and electrons. The protons pass through the membrane to reach the cathode where they react with oxygen in the air, while the electrons are forced to pass by external circuit to reach the cathode and recombine to form water, supplying electric energy and by-product heat in almost same power values than electrical power.

Advantages: high efficiency, zero emission of CO2 and other pollutants, low noise levels




Remote control

Do you want to control GreenHub FLUO start-up and shut-down? No problem, the embedded timer allows you maximum reliability to find your house heated, electrical appliances on, lights on, each load fed exactly when you want. 
Thanks to iGreen add-on option you can control the system through the internet and manage start-up/shut-down, working parameters, H2 gas level and directly ordering tanks replacement through your cell phone/smartphone!



The electricity produced by the fuel cell is converted by internal power electronic devices which enable a voltage and frequency within standard values for the most common devices.
GreenHub FLUO can get the classic grid supply AC 230V (110V) at 50Hz (60Hz) and / or DC direct current values compatible with various devices or according to customizable needs.


The advantages are considerable compared to the use of typical batteryenabled UPS especially when it comes to energy storage. Batteries add considerable size and weight, providing only a very short-duration power supply in case of blackouts.
In contrast, the duration of an UPS based on hydrogen fuel cells provides a longer reserve of energy depending on the size of the supplied hydrogen storage cylinder, which is very small relative to the physical size of the batteries.


This model is very similar in appearance to the standard unit can be connected to the home or office grid to ensure the supply to the non-critical devices. In this configuration, no GreenCap accessory is needed therefore the load is subject to a voltage dip of about 30 seconds between the disconnection of the grid and the startup of the fuel cell. This UPS version features a significant cost saving over the long run. This configuration is ideal for loads that do not suffer from failures due to power reset such as lighting, ventilation, etc. Particularly suited for SECONDARY loads.


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Maintenance and safety

Il sistema GreenHub FLUO non richiede nessun tipo di manutenzione entro 3000 ore di funzionamento.
Dopo questo periodo ti consigliamo la sostituzione dello stack fuel cell per garantirti il massimo delle performance.
Al momento dell'acquisto ti offriamo il ns. GreenHub FLUO CARE PLAN, che prevede la sostituzione dello stack fuel cell dopo 3000 ore di funzionamento.

Le unità GreenHub sono protette da eventuali guasti elettronici e termici quali cortocircuiti, sovratensioni ed elevate temperature.
Sono dotate di un terminale di terra per una raccomandata connessione di sicurezza.
Grado di protezione: IP30
Certificazioni: CE (IEC 62282-3-1, 62282-3-1, 62282-3-3)

Il trasporto di idrogeno rientra semplicemente a far parte della categoria delle merci ADR (merci pericolose) pertanto il trasporto può essere effettuato solamente da aziende professioniste del settore e con un piccolo sovrapprezzo. Si prega di controllare le normative locali riguarda al trasporto.
La classe ADR dell'idrogeno è la classe 2 - UN 3479.