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    in the very first show of the brand new electrolysis home system for energy storage!


  • MyH2® SLIM 350 - The H2planet patent pending slim storage!

    The best H2 storage device featuring the most advanced quick connection system with the highest performances yet with optimized system for best adsorption and absorption.

    MyH2® SLIM 350 can store at only 20bar 3 times more hydrogen than the high pressure (200bar) standard industrial vessels in the same water capacity with huge storage and safety advantages.

  • EFOY ProSeries

    EFOYPro fuel-cell systems, reliable power anywhere, anytime! ProSeries automatically loads any battery for 24/7 without any intervention and maintenance.


    ZERO MAINTENANCE. The best reliability and user-friendly interface yet in the market!

    Hydrogen releasing pressure is adjustable up to 16 bar in accordance with ideal parameters to refill every hydrogen metal hydride cartridge and compatible MyH2 cartridges by H2planet Hydrogen’s purity maximizes the efficiency and the lifetime of the compatible MyH2 advanced metal hydrides cartridges.

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