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The smallest hydrogen fuel-cell car ever commercialized. A small-scale model of a hydrogen fuel-cell application. A funny didactical toy for kids and... adults too!

The kit has to be assembled and works thanks to the hydrogen-air fuel-cell simple principle, using pure gaseous hydrogen stored in a few cm3; it produces electrical current able to feed and make run the small motor of the car. The station for hydrogen refilling operations produces hydrogen through electrolysis from distilled water, with the use of a photovoltaic module or with batteries that can be positioned into the station. The station is thus able to work independently from the fuel-cell car.

H-racer is the smallest fuel-cell car which produces pure water as a unique by-product and runs thanks to the current provided by the fuel-cell during combination of hydrogen stored in the storage-tank and the air. The exact miniaturisation of a real futuristic fuel-cell car working on hydrogen!

The box includes:

- Use and instructions manual.

- Chassis and body.

- Fuel-cell system and hydrogen storage device.

- Hydrogen refilling station with electrolyser.

- Photovoltaic solar panel.

- Height / Width / Lenght: 4cm / 6.5cm /15cm

Hydrogen station:
- Height / Width / Lenght: 11cm / 8cm /5cm

Solar panel:
- Height / Width / Lenght: 5mm/15cm /6.5cm

- Fuel-cell working voltage: 1V

- Current: 100mA ca.

- Run time: 3 min.s

- Refill time: 10 min.s

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