H2planet Netherlands (represented by WE | doubleyouenergy B.V.) designed and innovated H2OTBOX for fastfood delivery.









The hydrogen cargo bike is an excellent puller and energy supplier of the Carla Cargo Trailer!

The advantage of the Hydrogen Cargo Bike with the H2OTBOX is that the hydrogen driven Horizon fuel-cell the bike supplies with electricity to keep the bikes battery full to drive the bikes motor and the fuel-cell heat keeps the food warm!




Hydrogen Cargo Bike is an excellent Cargo Trailer puller!










The H2planet hydrogen energy system consists of a H-300 air-cooled fuel-cell, and a 60 Volts 4.15 Farad Hy-caps, a DC-DC converter and 3 x My-H2 Slim 350 metal hydride cartridges allowing a range of 105 km @ 20 deg.C. is ~ 10 Nl H2 / km.


The innovation of the H2OTBOX was subsidised through the European and the Dutch SNN subsidy fund.