Fuel Cell Training 30

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The ultimate generation training panel for studying and testing PEM hydrogen fuel-cell technology up to 30W power thru variable load.

Add-on options:
- MyH2 metal hydrides canister for energy storage thru hydrogen carrier, available in sizes 300-600-900-2000-3000 liters,
- PEM electrolysers for refills of MyH2 metal hydrides canisters or direct fuel-cell stack feeding,
- pressurized hydrogen cylinder,
- pressure regulator
- quick connection kit on top for direct feeding of the fuel-cell stack.

- Manual version (without data collection via PC)
- Painted metal structure with panel made of insulating material
- Colored working scheme
- Fuel-cell including electronic controller
- Hydrogen control line including pressure regulator, electrovalve, manometer
- Adjustable rheostat, 40 Ohm
- Digital voltmeter (max 199,9 V) and digital amperometer (+max 19,9 A)
- Flow with variable area adjustment (range: 50 – 600 ml/min for fuel cell stacks 30W)
- Feeding: 230 VAC, 50Hz
- Dimensions: 80cm x 40 cm 

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