General terms and conditions of sale


These general terms and conditions of sale regulate all on-line purchases of products and services placed by the mean of website, property of Hydro2Power SRL with registered offices in Viale Montegrappa 23A, CAP 20069, Vaprio d’Adda (Milano), Italy. Hydro2Power SRL is fully owner of H2planet, and will be hereafter referenced as H2planet. These general terms and conditions are part of all of H2planet supply contracts of products and materials, even when orders are managed by telephone, fax, e-mail or by internet or mobile and tablet applications.

H2planet commercializes products shown and featured on this website with particular reference to a customer portfolio of private and professional customers (users intended as artisans, professionals, merchants, companies, etc.). The relationship between H2planet and customers is regulated by the laws and norms addressed to consumers protection, whose in particular italian Decree-law 185/1999 (contracts remotely subscribed), Decree-law 50/1992 (termination rights), Decree-law 24/2002, law 126/1991 e articles. 1469 and ss. of civil code.


Products availability on H2planet it's always reported into the summarising page of CART prior to ORDER DETAILS page (before login or registration), indicating the handling and shipping average times.

Three level of availability are shown on CART page:

Prodotto disponibilePRODUCT AVAILABLE:

If products are immediately available at warehouse (green color), the order will be processed in the next 24 hours starting from first working day after order date and time and in any case within 72 hours in case of week-ends in between or within 24 hours of the working day after every festivity/holiday except for peculiar holiday periods. In case of Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays the best lead times will be posted and communicated on BLOG/NEWS websection. Delivery times depending on express courier are not included  and will be indicated in the Availability and shipment paragraph.


The label "Limited availability" (yellow color) in the cart summary of products is purely indicative due to the possibility that multiple purchases of other on-line customers be placed in the same moment of Customer purchase. For this reason H2planet reserves the right to verify the availability of ordered good, once received the order, and to communicate the Customer eventual unavailability. H2planet could also communicate the failure of order acceptance in case the products cannot be delivered in reasonable times or, eventually, could proceed with partial or full refunding depending on customer decision.

Prodotto disponibilePRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE:

In case of purchases of unavailable products and momentarily not in warehouse (red color), H2planet will communicate the customer the best lead times applicable or an alternative product. Normally the products with lead times of 15-30 days from order date are referenced with such an indication.

H2planet issues a commercial invoice for every single order received and processed by the mean of an email communication with invoice billed to the customer provided details. The invoice will be sent out by email attachment according to article 14 DPR 445/00 and italian Decree-law 52/2004. Data provided by customer will be automatically dropped into the billing invoice at the moment of order and no variation or modification will be possible except if specifically required within 15 days. 

The Customer can purchase products available over on-line electronic catalogue and categories as well as on the downloadable pricelists. Pictures and technical specifications featuring product description may be incomplete or not fully exhaustive of specific product features.

The correct order completion and confirmation will be communicated by H2planet thru an automated email, sent out to the customer email account. This email communication with order confirmation will summarise all the data provided by the Customer that will commit to check and verify correctness and to promptly communicate eventual corrections in due of course. 

Later, once verified product availability along with aforementioned availability level and Customer data, H2planet will send the Customer contract of sale acceptance and order management status.

The contract for order handling set between Customer and H2planet is intended as concluded only after email confrmation of acceptance sent by H2planet to Customer's emal account.

Placing an order on H2planet website Customer declares to have read and accepted the terms of sales and conditions as fully described in the Customer Services websection and to have fully accepted payment options and all purchase procedures.

In case the Customer should ship back purchased products due to whatever warranty coverage or other reason, will take care of shipping back to H2planet operational headquarters to the following address: H2planet by Hydro2Power SRL, Via Campo Rivera 135, 20069 Vaprio d'Adda (MI), Italy.



The Customer, by the mean of e-mail referred to purhcase order confirmation, unconditionally accepts H2planet's general terms and conditions of sale and deploys to the respect of these and into relationships with H2planet, stating to having read and accepted all of indications and conditions aforementioned and all the following paragraphs part of "Customer service" advices readable in each footer of webpages footer according to the aforelisted laws, decrees and norms. Furthermore the customer declare to know H2planet itself is not obliged to different conditions if not preliminarly agreed in written form.