All of H2planet products are covered by standard warranty of the manufacturer, according to what defined by manufacturer over the items. This warranty is limited to the sold product excluding every kind of service or add-on option if not specifically purchased or any other refund.

This warranty applies over products whose will be demonstrated to be plainly defective and/or reporting malfunctioning not foundable or trackable at the moment of purchase. Nonetheless the product will need to be demonstrated as used with correctness and diligence, thus in the full respect of purpose the product was made for and in the respect of manuals and technical specifications, observing norms indicated in the provided documents.

1- Hydro2Power Srl provides with following warranty conditions:

- for hydrogen fuel-cell systems, stacks, GreenBox and GreenHub turnkey generators is applied a minimum warranty of duration of 12 months from delivery date or 1000 running hours based on data recorded into the embedded electronics memory board which is integrated in every device. No warranty can be accepted as valid in any case of warranty void tampered labelling.

- for methanol fuel-cell systems EFOY Proseries 800 / 800 DUO / 2400 / 2400 DUO is applied a maximum warranty of duration of 24 months from delivery date or 4500 running hours on data recorded into the embedded electronics memory board which is integrated in every device.

- for hydrogen generators featuring PEM technology (Hy-PEM XP and Hy-PEM XP ZERO series) is applied a maximum warranty of duration of 24 months

- for hydrogen generators featuring alkaline technology (Hy-Flow series) is applied a maximum warranty of duration of 12 months plus eventual warranty extension (on customer's request)

- for all of other products a standard 24 months warranty apply

2- Warranty is limited to substitution of defective or damaged parts due to eventual defects over materials/components or

manufacturing phases. Warranty is not extended to defects depending on natural consumption or negligence by customer

and for the parts that for their composition and material or their use are subject to fast deterioration.

3- Hydro2Power Srl, as soon as recognized defect subsistence, undertakes for replacement of defective elements only in

case if customer (or eventual third parties) did not open/tamper the product warranty labels with intention of

reparation and did not cause the damage by negligence in manuals/documentation reading. The replacement of defective elements can be undertaken only in case if the customer respected the contract, especially the payment. No warranty can be accepted as valid in any case of warranty void tampered labelling.

4- It's expressly excluded further compensation, such as production standstill of purchaser or damages caused to third parties etc.

5- Parts to be replaced on warranty coverage must be shipped to Hydro2power Srl at customer full charge and

Hydro2Power Srl undertakes care for replacing components as soon as possible after goods arrival at workshop’s headquarter. The replaced spare parts are customer's property and remain at his disposal for eight days. Within this period can be picked up upon specific agreements; expired these terms Hydro2Power Srl is authorized to consider these

parts as wastes without compensation.

6- Examination of malfunctioning and break-downs and their causes will be always performed at Hydro2Power Srl

workshop/laboratories and all related costs will be charged to customer. Moreover, if existing, Hydro2Power Srl staff travel

expenses will be charged to the client. In no case client can pretend agreement resolution.

7- Warranty is not transferable to one or more third parties and it is valid only for customers mentioned and referenced on

billing invoice issued by Hydro2Power SRL at the moment of purchase.

8- The customer's warranty is void when:

a. Client did not pay within agreed terms.

b. Customer tampered/opened or modified the products without specific written approval or declaration by

Hydro2Power Srl.

c. Product delivered is handled or stored improperly.

d. Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance is missing.

e. Assembling, modification, change of parts by customer.

9- Claims shall be reported by client through letter sent by registered post, email or fax, within 7days from delivery or as

foreseen by art.4 at goods arrival to destination, or for hidden defect, as soon as find out. Claims after 7days will be

deemed void. As hidden can be defined only that kind of defects which can not be detected during inspections and quality/functioning check by client.

10- Every claim can be made in any case, both by way of action and as an exception, within three months after

consignment/delivery. After this time-limit, in absence of claim/complaint, every right is deemed no longer in force or valid.

11- For goods already sold which are stocked at Hydro2Power Srl warehouses for reparation reasons Hydro2Power Srl does not take responsibility for possible damages caused by climatic events, burglary, theft, fire and other unpredictable events such as natural calamities or circumstances beyond control excluding third parties responsibilities.

12- Hydro2Power Srl guarantees that provided goods are checked and verified prior to pick-up and shipment phases and

thus are without defects.

13- Customer undertakes immediately to report to Hydro2Power Srl any defects noticed even by third parties to allow

check of defects on goods.

14- Installation costs, commissioning and start up of the products are not included in price unless there is reciprocal agreement previously defined in written form.

15- Terms and conditions are deemed as accepted and signed, even without receiving of the signed pro-form invoice, in case of advanced payment of the invoice.

16- Regarding disclaimer Hydro2Power Srl refers to art. 6 DPR 24.5.1988 n.224 of Italian law.


H2planet commercialise products of high quality level only, featuring a minimum warranty of 12 months from purchase date of order or 24 months depending on product category and kind and the nature od product. Generally this warranty is provided by H2planet itself as manufacturer of some products or by the manufactuer of other third parties' products on sale. Whereas it is specifcially required, Ove il cliente lo preferisse, può scegliere di farsi assistere da www.h2planet.eu nelle fasi del ritorno e della gestione del reso in garanzia. A tale scopo, e per permettere al personale di www.h2planet.eu di adempiere correttamente all'incarico, il cliente dovrà richiederne anticipatamente il supporto contattando www.h2planet.eu o staff@h2planet.eu. In ogni caso, la normativa di riferimento e le modalità di applicazione della garanzia è quella indicata ed evidenziata dal produttore. Chi acquista materiale presso www.h2planet.eu, accetta con l'acquisto stesso, integralmente, le condizioni di garanzia del produttore che possono essere indipendenti dal volere di www.h2planet.eu.

La predetta garanzia non sarà invece applicabile in caso di negligenza, incuria nell'uso e nella manutenzione del prodotto, di collegamento di quanto acquistato ad impianti elettrici o di qualsiasi altro tipo di collegamento non a norma.