Orders on H2planet

The purchase is made by the Customer and relates to the products available and described ONLINE in the relevant descriptive and technical sheets (The images are intended as indicative , the product may present variations from an aesthetic point of view). All product prices are VAT EXCLUDED.

Transport costs are the responsibility of the customer, they are calculated based on the weight of the goods purchased and will be displayed at the time of purchase. In both cases the pricise quotation will be communicate to you via e-mail and will be show in the "Orders in progress" section.

Shipping costs may be subject to change due to adjustaments in costs and tariffs by the shipping carrier or due to changes in the weight of the packaging www.h2planet.eu will communicate this change via e-mail if it occurs.

Before confirming the purchase, the Customer will be provided with a summary of the unit cost of each chosen product, the taxable amount, the VAT amount, the transport costs and the total costs.

By confirming the purchase, the Customer will be able to print the data of their order and will automatically receive a summary of the registred order by e-mail.

Validation of the order is intended only if www.h2planet.eu confirms the shipment of the goods. The advanced payment of a supply does not justify a confirmation of acceptance of the order, it may be rejected by the house and refunded minus the costs of return banking operations.

We specify that the goods ordered depend exclusively on the will of the customer. Under no circustances should it be refused, under penalty of being charged for round-trip transport costs www.h2planet.eu, if the customer does not provide compensation for transport costs within 15 days (notified via email), legal proceedings will begin to the detriment of the customer. The order via the internet is recognized as a normal commercial contract stipulated by buyer himself 

To place an oder on the website: www.h2planet.eu

VIA THE INTERNET ON THE SITE: http://www.h2planet.eu

VIA E-MAIL TO: staff@h2planet.eu