H-Tube con Hy-Start

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Hy Start in the new H-Tube box is the reversible fuel-cell kit complete of a LED circuit to create and test the use of hydrogen got by the sun through distilled water! Hy Start was born to offer an effective support to privates, companies and school to test PEM fuel-cell potentialities in an easy, cheap and complete way.
Didactical Hy Start kit is composed by different pieces specifically studied to be used together, for this is not avoid a separated use.
You have different embedded pieces which allow to use Hy Start in a complete way:
 - Hy Start
 - Distilled water dispenser
 - Polycarbonate internal tanks
 - PV module
- Motor with fan
The running of the reversible fuel-cell is extremely easy but cause its delicacy Hy Start should only be used by persons 18 years old and up or down only under the supervision.
Hy Start can work both as an electrolyzer and produce hydrogen fuel, both as a fuel cell and supply a little motor with fanthanks to electrical power produced by hydrogen-oxygen combination inside of the fuel-cell.
Hydrogen and oxygen are produced connecting a solar panel to the fuel-cell full of distilled water and lighting the solar panel. The electrical current of the panel will be enough to produce electrolysis from water.
Hy Start is characterized by a fuel-cell which in the first phase works as an electrolyzer, diniding water molecule in oxygen and hydrogen through the electrolysis. In the second phase the device transforms hydrogen chemical energy directly in electrical energy through an easy and effective chemical process, reversible electrolysis.



- height/width/length: 5,3/5,3/1,5cm
- weight of the fuel cell: 100g
- active surface of the electrodes: 6,25cm2
- solar panel: 2,7V (open circuit); 150mA (short circuit)
- capacity of the tanks: V h2= 20 cm3; V O2= 10 cm3
- power need in electrolysis mode: 1W
- tension at output short circuit: 0,6V
- output current at short circuit: 140mA
- time need to recharge hydrogen tank: 15 min
- working environment: room pressure and temperature

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