A feasibility study is necessary when a project, due to its economic size or complexity, requires an in-depth study before starting its implementation.

H2planet's staff of technicians and engineers will be available for the analysis and study of the system based on customer needs, to provide completely finished, highly technological and reliable system.



Preliminary feasibility analysis

The preliminary analysis can be an hourly consultancy that does not necessarily lead to a definitive project. In cases where an adequate budget is available, the H2planet staff defines and presents 3 system options from an economic and technical point of view to be presented to the customer.

This first phase takes place purely via email and the schemes provided are basic.

For projects with a budget of € 150,000 and less than € 500,000 from this stage it is possible to go directly to the executive project.


Operational feasibility analysis

It allows produce a detailed technical and economic analysis of the configuration chosen among the 3 proposals based on the space and sizing for the arrangement of the machinery, approaching the preliminary design.

At this point the contact is also by telephone, more in deep. A mini-project and a more defined range of spending are provided.



In this phase, the staff designs: H2 production, storage and supply and use system and all parts of the plant in compliance with current and safety regulations and the complete sizing to follow the laying, installation and testing phase, providing for the timing of the various phases for starting.

This final phase includes face-to-face meetings and inspections, the project and the proforma invoice are final.

The complete design phase, following all the steps listed above, takes place for projects of an economic relevance, with hypotheses of costs not less than € 500,000.


H2planet is able to offer its customers an installation service
and implementation of the final project.

At the end of the system installation procedure, H2planet proceed
to the testing phase: in this phase the technicians assigned to testing,
work in collaboration with designers, in order to facilitate the handover to the end user.
We detect every problem and verify the proper functioning of the system.