Make your lab aligned with the ultimate, most advanced and safest technology
for hydrogen use yet thanks to MyH2® SLIM.

A lab in full safety conditions with lowest management costs and the easiest
conditions for hydrogen transportability and movement.



Bring hydrogen safely everywhere at very low pressure values in your company and labs without moving heavy and potentially dangerous high pressure cylinders at 200bar or more.

Make hydrogen usage even easier and purer thanks to unique purifying effect of blended H2planet metal hydrides powders deliverying hydrogen up to tested and proven grade 7.0 of purity (99.99999%).


Use MyH2® SLIM to guarantee tests campaing fulfillment thanks to an independent hydrogen reservefrom electrolysers, tanks and power supplies.

MyH2® SLIM can make your tests easier featuring a reliable and very high purity hydrogen source even in case of breakings or sudden power outages.

MyH2® SLIM makes hydrogen safe in every kind of environmental operating condition and situation.

Thanks to proven, certified and tested MyH2® SLIM robustness you can rely on an hydrogen supply for all your appliances in a simple and effective way with pressures up to 20 times lower than standard industrial pressurized cylinders, but with 3 times higher stored and deliverable hydrogen quantities!


Flame ionization detector devices or GC-FIDs are frequently used for
several scopes at natural gas and oil refinery plants as well as at
pharmaceutical plants and corporates labs.

MyH2® SLIM guarantees a portable and safe hydrogen source in all
of those typical situations where ATEX environments and working
conditions represent a serious problem for use of equipment and
pressurized gases by allowing to transporting highest hydrogen
quantities with ultimate technologies at low pressures and
with extremely pure parameters.


Use compatible H2planet electrolysis machines or compressed H2 industrial cylinders as stations for easy refills for a fully independent refill process.

Use our compatible zero maintenance electrolysis stations to perform refills overnight and use cartridges during daytime once fully filled up.

As an alternative buy or rent a compressed cylinder for tens of refills and more in full safety thanks to compatible connection kit as a "fast refill" station for your cartridges.