A new project for CNR, National Research Centre of Palermo

15 / 05 / 2023 • Fairs - events - projects

The CNR is a Public Research Body supervised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, present in Palermo since 1968 with 8 Institutes/ Secondary Offices that conduct research in agriculture, biology, biophysics, chemistry, engineering, medicine, Educational technologies and high-performance networks.

The H2Planet team participated in the safety of the laboratory through the design of a system capable of operating with machines larger than those currently installed.

The project included the supply of a complete system with hydrogen extraction hood with H2 sensors, pipes and ATEX extractor, all regulated by an electrical control panel.

For the production and storage H2 the plant has been equipped with HyPEM XP Pro, HyRefill Box and MyH2 900.

While the Fuel-cell H-300 with HySupply and DC-DC have completed the inherent system 'the use of H2"

The H2Planet team then conducted the relevant tests for the implementation of the entire system ! ( Link Page )



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