Revamping Storage project in Ancona

05 / 12 / 2022 • Fairs - events - projects

The restarting of an old H2 plant no longer working installed on the roof of UnivPM University of Ancona, it was the target of our project in December 2022.

After an accurate phase of design and risk analysis, the revamping of the electrolysis system with purified utrapur grade followed the refurbishment with regard to software and control electronics. The system has been equipped with a new purification unit more powerful than the previous one.

As for the compression for charging metal hydrides, a new system has been added so that hydrogen can be stored at 30 bar, starting from 5 bar at the exit of the electrolyzer.

While through the integration of heat exchangers the metal hydride storage has been made more efficient thanks to the air conditioning circuit that heats or cools as needed.

A rack cabinet housed a 1 kW cell connected to an electronic load.

The project ended with the usual tests and calibrations that decreed the full success of the work carried out by the H2Planet team. ( Link Page )



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