MyH2® 300

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The first CE certified and ISO 16111 compliant and UN 3479 shippable hydride storage systems!

Hydrogen storage represents one of the most important and delicate hydrogen chain rings.

H2planet’s specialized team proposes today the definitely solution for every hydrogen fuel-cell and relative systems setup.

Storage hydrogen has never been so easy and safe thanks to the ultra-compact metal hydrides gas cylinders designed by H2planet.
Hydrogen is stored at low pressure between 5-10bar inside of refillable gas cylinders, respondent to the most advanced safe logics in terms of technology and materials. Thanks to the hydrogen absorption through metal hydride calibrated mixture, the gas is stored in a safe and certified way.
These devices are, in fact, the first and unique CE ISO 16111 and UN 3479 certified devices on the market.
These hydride storage system use the temperature: water or air cooling action promotes a faster and full hydrogen absorption during the charging and, at the opposite, the heat promotes the complete download of the gas stored for the feeding of the fuel-cells and their same heat can be used in the current delivery phase to supply the cycle to obtain the best efficiency!

More info about the usage of MyH2® in GASCROMATOGRAPHY

-Storage capability: 300 liters
-Extrenal volume: 0,55 liters
-Weight: 2,4kg
-Dimensions A: 31,5cm
                    D: 7cm
-Refilling pressure: 5 -12 bar
-Max pressure: 30 bar
-H2 min. purity: 99,995%

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