HyPEM XP Pro Rack 400

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Mini H2 stations RACK VERSION have come for a domestic, business, laboratory, industrial and many more uses...

To produce hydrogen everywhere, catching power from renewable sources of energy!

ZERO MAINTENANCE. The best reliability and user-friendly interface yet in the market!

Hydrogen releasing pressure is adjustable up to 16 bar in accordance with ideal parameters to refill every hydrogen metal hydride cartridge and compatible MyH2® cartridges by H2planet Hydrogen’s purity maximizes the efficiency and the lifetime of the compatible MyH2® advanced metal hydrides cartridges.


-Hy-demi water plant to automatically produce distilled water
-Auto-refill demi water option board
-Hy-PEM connection kit to refill metal hydrides
-Mini compressors for low pressure pressurization up to 5-10bar
-Hy-COMP XT automated compression system up to 200 or 350bar


If you purchase an Hy-PEM XP 480, you can hire MyH2® 300 or MyH2® 600 for FREE for a year

- Power supply current: 230VAC or 115VAC
- Power supply current: On request
- Maximum capacity 400 cc/min
- Adjustable pressure from 10 -15 bar
- Gas purity: 6.0 (99,9999%)
- Dew point: -70°C
- Power: 250 W AC
- Dimensions: 48,3x26,67x39,7 cm
- Weight: 25 kg

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