24 / 07 / 2022

Together with TENMAK in the Efficiency Challenge Racing of electric vehicles

H2planet is the protagonist together with Tenmak at TEKNOFEST in Turkey for the 'hydromobile' competition: a platform that encourages and supports the development of high-end technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells



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02 / 12 / 2021

The project for the United Nations

H2planet wins the first United Nations contract for a complete fuel cell hydrogen storage system based on solar power: making zero e-missions the humanitarian missions led by UN.




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10 / 10 / 2021

Futura, the UniBoAT electric boat arrives at sea.

Baptized Futura, in the wake of the famous song by Lucio Dalla, the zero-emission electric boat born from the UniBoAT - UniBo Argonauts Team project.



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09 / 10 / 2019

Veritas Project: New Concept of Energy Storage, Modular and Flexible

H2BRIX is the new H2Planet mocular concept for hydrogen plant systems

Depending on the purpose of the system, the energy can be released into the grid or used directly charge electric vehicles


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16 / 12 / 2020

H2planet Netherlands - Cargo bike H2OTBOX for fastfood delivery

H2planet Netherlands subsidiary of WE | doubleyouenergy B.V. designed and innovated H2OTBOX for fastfood delivery.

The hydrogen cargo bike is an excellent puller and energy supplier of the Carla Cargo Trailer!

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08 / 05 / 2019

HYinONE applications


HYinONE system applications:

- installation for exhibition / demonstration purposes.
- pilot project for experimentation in the energy field.

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Hy-Go / Hydrogen moved projects

H2planet fuel-cell vehicle experience:

  • Zaffy
  • Golf car
  • Special vehicles
  • E-Bike

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MyH2® SLIM: lab, FID, oil & gas

Make your lab aligned with the ultimate, most advanced and safest technology
for hydrogen use yet thanks to MyH2® SLIM.

Bring hydrogen safely everywhere at very low pressure values in your company and labs without moving heavy and potentially dangerous high pressure cylinders at 200bar or more.

Make hydrogen usage even easier and purer thanks to unique purifying effect of blended H2planet metal hydrides powders deliverying hydrogen up to tested and proven grade 7.0 of purity (99.99999%).

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EFOY applications


EFOY ProSeries is ideal for surveillance, road signs and construction,  telecommunications, weather stations, earthquakes, geodetic and geological data acquisition, remote homes.

The EFOY ProSeries will produce electricity in any weather, climate or season.


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H2planet - IDRAkronos the prototype from H2politO

The hydrogen car that "consumes less in the world" was conceived by a group of Politecnico di Torino students gathered in the H2politO team. It's called IDRAkronos and is collecting victories and podiums in the Shell Eco-marathon competitions.

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H2planet - i-NEXT - TRE Tozzi

Sustainable mobility - Pedal-assisted hydrogen bikes
Experimental project for "Smart Cities and Communities and Socila Innovation" Capo d'Orlando-Sicily: the experimentation involved the construction of two pedal-assisted bikes powered by hydrogen and a smart parking system with the possibility of booking via smartphone.

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H2planet - LABFREN Brasil

Universidade Federal de Campina Grande - UFCG LABFREN laboratories for renewable energies, Brasil: electrolysis system with zero maintenance electrolyser and automated system of Hy-COMP XT HP compressor from H2planet Brasil


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H2planet - European Fuel Cell 2015 - University of Naples

H2planet with the collaboration of the FC-LAB laboratory of the Department of Engineering, University of Naples Parthenope was part of an integrated project with several electric vehicles for sustainable mobility with zero emissions.

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H2planet - Lexus - Formafantasma

H2planet is a technical partner and installer of the fuel system with hydrogen fuel-cell in the Lexus stand at the Milan Design Week 2016. ?One of the most awaited and celebrated by the media for the big public impact was certainly the installation curated for the Lexus brand by Formafantasma study, with the technical collaboration of H2planet.
??For this project H2planet installed, coordinated and managed the fuel system with hydrogen fuel-cell and metal hydride to power completely off-grid LED lighting installation systems.

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H2planet - Electrolux

A washer and a dryer using hydrogen have been designed and manufactured by Electrolux in collaboration with H2planet by Hydro2power.

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