EFOY Proseries 800

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New generation EFOY ProSeries, reliable power anytime, anywhere!

The new generation EFOY Pro fuel cell generators are available in two power versions (EFOY Pro 800 with 45 Watt resp. EFOY Pro 2400 with 110 Watt maximum nominal power). In the new generation, the power of the strongest EFOY Pro has been increased again by more than 20 percent.

The EFOY Pro charges batteries fully automatically.
The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the charge level of 12 and 24 V batteries. When the battery voltage drops below a predefined level, the EFOY Pro starts automatically and switches off again once the battery is charged. This results in reliable, continuous power, reduces the amount of batteries needed and extends the lifetime of the batteries since deep discharge damages are prevented.
The EFOY Pro produces electricity from the fuel in the fuel cartridges and oxygen from the air. In operation, the only by products are waste heat and water vapor containing an insignificant amount of carbon dioxide. It is extremely eco-friendly.
The EFOY Pro will produce electricity in any weather, climate or season, from the desert to the Arctic Circle. The high power reliability with EFOY Pro eliminates downtime costs.
The EFOY Pro is the perfect power generator for remote monitoring and data acquisition systems, and also for disaster management equipment. The fuel cell can be remotely controlled and monitored, informing you in time when a fuel cartridge needs to be replaced. This provides you with planning security and you can always be sure that your system is running perfectly.
EFOY Pro fuel cells supply maintenance free Off-grid power for several months without any user intervention. EFOY Pro uses liquid methanol, a fuel with superior energy density.

Ideal for surveillance, road signs and construction, telecommunications, weather stations, earthquakes, geodetic and geological data acquisition, remote homes.

-Able to operate in all weather conditions.
- Solid and maintenance free
- Lightweight and compact
- Silent and without harmful emissions
- Automatically load batteries 12 and 24 Volt recognizing the voltage
- Ideal to be combined with solar energy systems


- Charging capacity:800Wh/day
- Nominal output: 45W
- Nominal voltage: 12V/24V
- Charging current: 2,4A
- Operating temperature: -20° to +50°
- Nominal consumption: 0,9l/kWh
- Dimensions: 43,3X18,8X27,8cm
- Weight: 8kg
- Warranty: 24months 4500hours

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